About Us

Friends of Port Mouton Bay are a volunteer group drawn together out our mutual concern over finfish farning in Port Mouton Bay.

Statement of Purpose

The Friends of Port Mouton Bay are local residents, fishers, property and business owners, and visitors who speak with one voice. We recognize that lobstering and tourism are sustainable and economically viable industries with long histories in the bay.

We recognize that the economic worth of Port Mouton Bay is in its undeveloped seascape, natural marine environment and exceptional shoreline. We recognize that our long term economic future depends on upholding these values for the next generations.

We recognize that open cage fish farms have negative risks on these valuable assets and it is a compromise that is too great.

For this reason, we strongly oppose the granting of new fish farm licenses in Port Mouton Bay, and the expansion, relocation or re-stocking of the existing fish farm site #835.

Contact Information

For information, please contact FPMB at:

Email: friendsofportmoutonbay@gmail.com

Around the Bay

Aerial view of Carter's Beach, looking towards Port Mouton Island

Carter's Beach, looking out toward Port Mouton Island (Photo: Linda Ross)