CoastalCURA Visit to Port Mouton Bay, June 26, 2011

CoastalCURA (Community University Research Alliance) held an international conference called People in Places, Engaging Together in Integrated Resource Management, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 26-29, 2011.

A group of 23 delegates from this conference took a field trip to Port Mouton June 26th. Field trip activities were spearheaded by active FPMB member Gloria Gilbert.

It was an international group. Delegates came from Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Guyana, Taiwan, …Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

This day long field trip included boat tours given by local fishermen on their own fishing boats. Delegates could chose from one of four boat tours, each with a different focus:

The community hosted a lively lunch in Southwest Port Mouton. Delegates and locals were treated to freshly-made lobster chowder, an array of desserts, and live entertainment by Tumbleweed!

For the afternoon, delegates chose from beach walk, history and nature tour, kitchen talk, bait shed skills.

The field trip concluded with a wrap-up at West Queens Rec Center with Friends of Port Mouton Bay. Everyone at the "wrap-up" session had an opportunity to speak. We were delighted to hear delegates express appreciation and amazement at the community - its hospitality, and level of community engagement.

CoastalCURA Conference and the “Community & NGO Poster Award”

During the conference, organizations were invited to display “poster presentation” illustrating how their community or group were active in managing their resources. Ron Loucks and Ruth Smith, representing FPMB, presented our poster titled: “A Community’s Experience with Salmon Aquaculture – Port Mouton Bay, Nova Scotia” to all the conference delegates. It was quite unique, we were told, for a community to conduct its own scientific research!

We are also honoured to announce that FPMB won the Community and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Poster Award. The citation for the award reads:

People in Places
Engaging Together in Integrated Resource Management
An International Conference
June 27-29, 2011

View the CoastalCURA Poster Presentation (pdf)

Sponsors - Key to Our Event's Success!

Friends of Port Mouton Bay are grateful for contributions from:

This event will support the Recovery Monitoring Studies, a partnership of Friends of Port Mouton Bay and Dalhousie University.

Video Documentary of Coastal CURA Field Trip

Professor Tom Sherman, Department of Transmedia Syracuse University, New York finished a video document that tries to capture the energy and information exchange of that wonderful day when CoastalCURA visited Port Mouton. We invite you to watch!

Clyde Fisher, retired Port Mouton Bay fisherman, talks about the impact of finfish farms on lobster behaviour and lobster fishery.

Tumbleweed premieres "Song for Port Mouton Bay"