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Wobemkak Beach

Wobemkak beach

Clyde Fisher, with his grandson on board his skiff, enjoyed some traveling around Port Mouton Bay. The above view is of Wobemkak (lower end of Carters Beach) with clear waters and people of all ages enjoying the beach. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)

Beaches on Port Mouton Bay

Beaches on Port Mouton Bay

Port Mouton Bay has several beautiful sand beaches. This one, with clear waters is in Southwest Port Mouton. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)

Clear Waters

Clear waters

Clear waster off Port Mouton Island where there is an abundance of healthy sea life. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)

And Here's What Happens

Murky waters

... when there is a fish farm operation. This picture was taken in the vicinity of the already established fish farm near Spectacle Island. It's not a pretty sight and certainly nobody would like to swim in the mess. If the big finfish farm is approved for the Port Mouton Island area, there will be much, much more of this guck in the bay. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)

Summerville Beach

Fish waste on Summerville Beach

Waste material washing ashore on Summerville Beach in September 2006. (Photo by Blair Davis)

Summerville Beach, again

Fish waste on Summerville Beach

Another picture of waste on Summerville Beach (Photo by Blair Davis)

Summerville Beach, and again

Fish waste on Summerville Beach

And another picture taken on Summerville Beach (Photo by Blair Davis)

No, It's Not The Caribbean

Blue waters of Port Mouton Bay

It is actually our own incredibly beautiful Port Mouton Bay which petitioning residents are trying to protect from another fish farming operation being proposed for the west side of Port Mouton Island. Above is GeorgAnn Delaney in her kayak off the beach at Southwest Port Mouton while the family's 10-year-old Golden Retriever Jesse wades beside her (Photo by Gordon Delaney).

Under Sunny Skies

Kayaker on the beach

GeorgAnn Delaney enjoyed paddling in the pristine waters not far from their property The Dunes, Cottage By The Sea in Southwest Port Mouton. (Photo by Gordon Delaney).

View From Golden Horizon Drive, Southwest Port Mouton

Sunset on the beach

That's Port Mouton Island in the background and will soon become the location of Nova Scotia's largest finfish farm, if approved by the Nova Scotia and Canadian governments. The Region of Queens is urging those with the power to apply the stamp of approval to refrain from doing so. See the page with the letters of concern. The link is above. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)

Summer Fun at Beach

Boaters and beach goers enjoy the sunshine on Carter's beach

Boaters and beach goers enjoy the summer weather at Carter's Beach (Photo by D. Alex Ross).

Sunset on Wobemkak Beach

Sunset on Wobemkak Beach

A couple enjoy the serenity of the evening sunset at Wobemkak (Photo by D. Alex Ross)