How to Help

Friends of Port Mouton Bay are all volunteers working together on this important issue. We donate our time, energy, and skills to do research, share information, communicate our concerns to the public and government officials, and co-ordinate activities. There are a number of ways you can help.

Financial Support

Over the last six years, Friends has conducted scientific research to learn how our Bay "works," and to measure the impact of open cage fish farming in the Bay. Our science team, lead by Ron Loucks and Ruth Smith, bring their professional expertise in oceanography and marine studies to our research. With their leadership, we stand behind our work - it is credible, detailed, and meticulously conducted research.

To date ALL our research has been supported by donations of time, money and "in kind" services. However, laboratory analysis of our sediment collection does strain our resources.

Donations, large and small, are vital to our continued research; and vital to our efforts to stop open cage fish farming in the Bay.