Friends of Port Mouton Bay (FPMB) attends the Atlantic Coalition for Aquaculture Reform
News Conference, Halifax, NS, June 4, 2012

FPMB joined over 100 other community groups to call upon the Nova Scotia government to declare a moratorium on open cage finfish aquaculture.

Friends of Port Mouton Bay participated in a news conference declaring widespread community concerns about the spread of open cage aquaculture along Nova Scotia shores.

Organized by the Ecology Action Centre, the news conference featured an overview of the situation in Nova Scotia (by Ray Plourde) and presentations on four main themes: Science, Effects to the Lobster Industry, Effects on Wild Atlantic Salmon and Effects on Community. FPMB had two speakers at the event: Dr Ron Loucks (science) and Darlene Norman (community).

Darlene Norman, representing FPMB, speaks at the Atlantic Coalition for Aquaculture Reform News Conference.

Watch Darlene talk about the impact of aquaculture on Port Mouton Bay - (Video on Youtube)

Video recorded by Tom Sherman

All speakers spoke about common experiences and frustrations:

The coalition represents a broad base of support ranging from “wild salmon conservationists, commercial fisheries groups, environmental organizations, sustainable economic development proponents and tourism operators” note 1 See full list of supporting organizations.

Video of Darrell Dexter and Vicki Conrad - Part of Darlene's Presentation

On March 18, 2007, NDP members, Vicki Conrad and Darrell Dexter (before elected as Premier of the Province) opposed aquaculture development in Port Mouton Bay. This video was shown at the news conference, as part of Darlene's presentation.

Watch Darrell Dexter and Vicki Conrad - (Video on Youtube)

Video recorded by D. Alex Ross

Media coverage of Atlantic Coalition for Aquaculture Reform

Representatives from various media outlets covered the event. See their reports:

More Videos from the Aquaculture Reform News Conference

Tom Sherman, posted numerous videos on Youtube taken at the news conference. Those in the vidoes are credible, well-informed, ordinary people that only want "common sense" to prevail.

Salmon Wars - Trailer

Donald Silver Cameron, a journalist, has prepared a documentary titled: "Salmon Wars". His documentary details the opposition to salmon farming industry in Nova Scotia.

View the Salmon Wars - Trailer

FPMB Pictures of the Event

Aquaculture Reform News Conference - Ray Plourde addressing the group

Ray Plourde addressing the group (almost 300 strong) at the Aquaculture Reform News Conference. (Photo by D. Alex Ross)


Representatives from each of the attending groups occupied tables around two sides the ballroom. Fishermen, business people, tourism operators, members of participating groups, concerned citizens filled the chairs. (Photo by D. Alex Ross)


Media representatives, with video cameras rolling, attended the event (Photo by D. Alex Ross)


Ray Plourde introduces one of the guest speakers, against the backdrop protest signs (Photo by D. Alex Ross)


Darlene Norman and Dr. Ron Loucks, representing Friends of Port Mouton Bay, wait for their turn to speak. Our signs were visible for all to see! (Photo by D. Alex Ross)

Friends group photo standing in front of Lord Nelson, showing their signs

Many of the Friends of Port Mouton Bay who attended the event pose, with their signs, in front of the Lord Nelson Hotel. (Photo by Dirk van Loon)