Port Mouton Rally Protesting Open Cage Aquaculture
June 9, 2012

Almost 200 concerned Nova Scotians from Port Mouton Bay, St. Mary's Bay, Jordan Bay, and the Eastern shore joined together to declare their opposition to open cage finfish aqauculture in Port Mouton Bay.


People from near and far, from all age groups and varied backgrounds, gathered at the goverment wharf to show their concern over open cage aquaculture development. (Photo by D. Alex Ross)

"Signs of the Times" - Message to our Provincial Goverment

Protestors on land and in boats proudly displayed signs with unmistakeable messages directed towards government! (Use arrows on left and right to see all 26 photos. iPad users, swipe to see slides.)

  • fpmb-rally-gilbert-science-daross

    One of many signs: "Science does not lie! Politicians do! We must protect our oceans, our beaches, and the lobster."

  • fpmb-rally-many-signs-winkelman

    Many signs, many people, one message: Stop open cage fish farming in Port Mouton Bay

  • fpmb-rally-no-fish-farms-daross

    Community residents spoke out firmly: "No Fish Farms", and "It's not rocket science. Fish Farms r' bad news."

  • fpmb-rally-todd-leslie-family-daross

    Entire faimilies showed up to fight fish farms, like Todd Leslie (in orange shirt) with his 'sign-toting' daughters. Todd is a direct descendent of settlers who moved here in the 1700's.

  • fpmb-rally-no-fish-farm-daross

    Signs front and back:"Why is the NDP government letting fish farms shit on me again!", "Help protect the lobster stocks for future generations. No fish farm in PMB."

  • fpmb-rally-3-protest-signs-winkelman

    One protester with a lot to say: "Protect our harbor and beaches" and lots more!

  • fpmb-rally-boat-winkelman

    Fishermen and supporters mounted multiple signs on their boats.

  • fpmb-rally-government-not-listening2-winkelman

    Fishing families, on their fishing boats, with their anti fish farm signs!

  • fpmb-rally-sewer-sign-daross

    "Move the SEWER out in 30 fathom. Save our Harbour & Beaches"

  • fpmb-rally-not-a-toilet-winkelman

    "Our harbour is not a toilet bowl. Take your shit somewhere else."

  • fpmb-rally-diapers-winkelman

    A young protester's stroller's sign reads: "My beach should not smell like my diaper."

  • fpmb-rally-displace-lobster-winkelman

    Darlene Norman speaks to the crowd, sharing our specific concerns. Ron Loucks holds a sign: "Displacement of Lobster Fishery". Note poster of Eugene Broome in lower left corner.

  • fpmb-rally-copper-contamination-winkelman

    A serious concern, "Continuning copper contamination above guidelines" Darlene and Ron explain the problem of copper contamination from fish farming in Port Mouton Bay.

  • fpmb-rally-slow-recovery-winkelman

    Our years of research in Port Mouton Bay show a: "Slow rate of recovery from fish farming". Three years of 'fallowing' and the farm site has not recovered!

  • fpmb-rally-group-winkelman

    The audience listens to Darlene and Ron, responding with cheers, noise makers, and sign waving.

  • fpmb-rally-ron-loucks-winkelman

    Ron Loucks, with his wife Ruth Smith, lead our Science team, volunteering their science expertise to designing and conducting our many research projects.

  • fpmb-rally-karen-crocker-winkelman

    Karen Crocker (Freeport) from the St. Mary's Bay Coastal Alliance takes the mega-phone to talk about closed containment fish farming, erosion of democracy. (Watch Video)

  • fpmb-rally-eastern-winkelman

    Bill Williams, the Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore, spoke about their experience with a Scottish fish farmer setting up in his area. (Video of Bill, June 4)

  • fpmb-rally-jordan-bay2-winkelman

    Ricky Hallett, a lobster fisherman from Jordan Bay, Mayday-Shelburne County, tells about his community's concern with fish farming. (Video of Ricky, June 4)

  • fpmb-rally-eugene-broome-daross

    Eugene Broome, and his wife, attend the rally. A poster of Eugene, holding our "Fish Farms puts Port Mouton Bay at Risk", captures in a nutshell, what we are fighting for!

  • fpmb-rally-young-protester-daross

    More signs, held by young protester, and Ruth Smith, from our Science Team. "No Fish Farm", and the ever popular sign: "Fish Farms put Port Mouton Bay at Risk"

  • fpmb-poster-mackinnon-daross

    Bruce MacKinnon, editorial cartoon, a common source of sign inspiration!

  • fpmb-rally-sky-king-boat-daross

    More versions of Bruce MacKinnon's cartoon are displayed on fishing boats.

  • fpmb-rally-st-marys-bay-winkelman

    People from St Mary's Bay (Karen Crocker), and Jordan Bay (Ricky Hallett), and others join locals from Port Mouton Bay.

  • fpmb-rally-no-salmon-feedlots-daross

    "From our Bay : Free From NDP", "No Democratic Party will force salmon feedlots on Us", and "Stop Kill'n our Bay".

  • fpmb-rally-rip-sign-daross

    And finally, two more signs: "No Fish Farms Here - RIP Port Mouton Bay", and "Say Yes to Land based Aquaculture"

Video of Protest at Port Mouton Bay, June 9, 2012

Watch video of the community as they rally to protest fish farming in Port Mouton Bay

Video of Karen Crocker, St. Mary's Bay Coastal Alliance, Addressing the Crowd at the Rally in Port Mouton Bay

Video on Youtube

Videos recorded by Tom Sherman

Lessons about Open Cage Aquaculture in Port Mouton Bay

Aquaculture Lessons: Low flushing rate, displacement of lobster fishery, copper contamination, slow rate of recovery during 3 year fallowing: means Port Mouton Bay NOT suitable for fish farming.

Aquaculture Lessons: Low flushing rate, displacement of lobster fishery, copper contamination, slow rate of recovery during 3 year fallowing: means Port Mouton Bay NOT suitable for fish farming.

Rainbow over Port Mouton Wharf


A couple hours after the rally ended, a spectacular rainbow appeared over the wharf - confirming that our fight, fueled by passion, and backed by science, will be won! (Photo by Leanora and Brian Fisher)

Media coverage of Rally Against Fish Farming