Navigable Waters Protection Review

February 26, 2007

Under the Environmental Assessment Review process, projects like Aqua Fish Farm's project are assessed for their impact on marine navigation.

This assessment is conducted through the Navigable Waters Protection Program (NWPP). See NWP Guideslines for Aquaculture projects.

Project proponents are required to post a newspaper ad inviting public input. Aqua Fish Farm has posted the ad on page A4 in the Chronicle Herald, Feb 26, 2007.

Important Date: deadline for public input is March 26, 2007

View the documents submitted by Aqua Fish Farm, and registered with the Registrar of Queens County (in PDF format)

"Friends" encourages all concerned to submit comments. For example, navigational impact on fishers and mossers, recreational boating and fishing, safe passage for all vessels, access to Port Mouton Island, scallop diving and wreck diving, quiet anchorage for visiting boats. Kindly include specific information (like number of years or number of people using) plus supporting pictures (if available).

Send written comments to: The Superintendent, Navigable Waters Protection Program, Transport Canada, PO Box 1013, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4K2. Include the file # 8200-02-2005.

Comments must be received by NWPP within 30 days of February 26, 2007.