Where We Are Now

After six years, Friends continues to fund, conduct and share our research while voicing our concerns. In all our work, we have strived to be fact-based, to initiate dialogue, and seek co-operation with all stakeholders including the aquaculture industry.

Discussions with Cooke Aquaculture

In February of 2009, Cooke Aquaculture, based in New Brunswick, took over management of the site at Spectacle Island. In August, 2009 the last fish were harvested, and the site had been fallowed (i.e. not restocked with fish) until June of 2012 when new site owners, Ocean Trout, re-stocked the site with trout.

When Cooke Aquaculture operated the site, Friends and Cooke maintained open communication lines. It led to Cooke granting permission for Friends and Dalhousie University to sample the seabed within the site boundaries in October and November 2009. Representatives of Friends, Dalhousie and Cooke were on board the boat when samples were taken in the fall of 2009.

Our monitoring includes seabed sampling within the boundaries of the farm site and elsewhere in the Bay. Life forms are counted and lab analysis work provides information on the pattern of recovery. This type of study is comprehensive and has not, to our knowledge, been undertaken previously on any finfish aquaculture site in Nova Scotia. (Read the report).

Further samples have been collected in 2010 and 2011 as Friends continued with the site monitoring and research on recovery timeline, resilience and biodiversity. Results of analysis of those samples can be found on Our Documents page.

History of the Spectacle Island Site (#835)

What We Have Been Doing

Our community, with its diverse skills and expertise, has been active on many fronts. Our activities, past and ongoing, include:

And, we are pleased to note that our efforts have met with considerable success.