Community Support

Friends of Port Mouton Bay have received support from all sectors of Queens County and area. Area residents, recreational users of the Bay, and visitors to the region have come forward to oppose this project.

As well, many tourism operators, local fisherman, and municipal and provincial representatives have declared their opposition to the proposed expansion.

Region of Queens Municipality

On August 21, the Council of the Region of Queens Municipality voted to oppose the application of Aqua Fish Farms Ltd. to set-up a salmon fish cage site adjacent to Port Mouton Island.

Read the letter sent to The Honourable Ron Chisholm, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Vicki Conrad, MLA for Queens

Vicki has been active in supporting the efforts of Friends of Port Mouton Bay. On several occasions, Vicki has posed questions on the fish farm application to the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Provincial Legislature. On November 1st, she presented the petition, with over 1800 signatures opposing the project, to the House.

On November 20, 2006, Vicki presented a resolution supporting Friends' opposition to the salmon farm expansion. See the Resolution document, and Vicki's letter.

Read the Hansard transcripts (Hansard Office maintains accurate verbatim records of debates of the Provincial House of Assembly, and proceedings of Committees.1

Queens Progressive Conservative Association

Queens Progressive Conservative Association, meeting on November 16, 2006, came out in opposition to the proposed fish farm application. They voted unanimously to pass the following motion:

Moved by: Christopher Clarke, seconded by Kerry Morash:
"The Queens Progressive Conservative Association is opposed to the granting of a license for an extended fish farm in Port Mouton Bay."

The motion was passed to the Premier by Carolyn Bolivar Getson.

Around the Bay

View of beach on Port Mouton Bay

Clyde Fisher, with his grandson onboard his skiff, enjoyed some traveling around Port Mouton Bay. The above view is of Wobemkak (lower end of Carters Beach) with clear waters and people of all ages enjoying the beach. (Photo by Clyde Fisher)